A time-efficient and focused approach, designed to work with your existing Integrated Reporting.  Develop your map of stakeholder relationships in a more intentional way.

The structured measurement is carefully designed to identify actionable factors in a way that allows discussion to be non-confrontational.  The <IR> compatible process of data reporting is auditable and repeatable, making it possible to track changes over time.

1. Measure

We use online Relational Proximity® surveys to gather the necessary perspectives of all the representatives identified (both yours and your stakeholders').

2. publish

Our analysis of the data is summarised in visually accessible heat maps that can be recognised by each side.  Drill down insight is provided where appropriate.

3. improve

We design and implement strategies to work with stakeholders to improve the relational dynamics.  Visibility of each side's perspective forms a strong basis for discussing improvement.


Renuma - a trusted partner improving your corporate relationships

Richard Gedge
Director, Operations

Will Sopwith
Director, Insight

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Tim Young
Director, Strategy


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